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political tensions continue to center, a meeting taking place in paris today with secretary of state kerry and russian counterpart, sergey lavrov to attend. the media at the conclusion will bring you those remarks live when they start. >> this is one of our favorite times of the year at c-span. the time i get to the winners of our annual student documentary contest called studentcam. the 2014th team for students interested in entering the most important issue that congress should consider in 2014. this year we received the record number of 200 -- 2,350,000 entries came from 46 states from the district of columbia, from taiwan and from the united arab emirates. as students around the country and internationally. altogether, 4860 middle and high school students participated this year, either individually or on teams. one other thing special about this years contest as we doubled the number of prizes and the amounts of prize money. it went from $50,000 contest to us giving away $100,000 in prizes. that meant 150 poor student documentarians and also the 97 students to receive honorable venture
, with secretary kerry and with the leaders of the u.s. congress. we had very good meetings. i thank them for their strong support for israel. [applause] for our security, including in the vital area of missile defense. i said that the greatest threat to our common security is that of a nuclear-armed iran. we must prevent iran from having the capability to produce nuclear weapons. and i want to reiterate that point, not just, to prevent them from having the weapon, but to prevent them from having the capacity to make the weapon. [applause] that means we must dismantle iran's heavy water reactor and its underground enrichment facilities. we must get rid of iran's centrifuges and its stockpiles of enriched-uranium and we must that iran fully divulge the military dimensions of its nuclear program. now 17 countries around the world have peaceful nuclear energy programs. they're doing this without spinning centrifuges, without enriching uranium, without operating heavy water facilities, and without conducting military nuclear research. you know why iran insists on doing all of these things tha
spoke at this -- kerry who spoke at this conference. secretary kerry is in crew -yard line to show -- kerry is in ukraine to show support for the country's military. and as russian president vladimir putin said he wouldn't be deterred by economic sanctions imposed punitively by the west. ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ ♪ >> norm, thank you. thank you very, very much. thank you all. 14,000 strong or more. [applause] executive director howard core, incoming president bob cohen, incoming chairman, michael cassen, outgoing chairman lee rosenberg and ambassador ron -- and ambassador dan shapiro. i don't know where our ambassadors are. somebody ought to -- [applause] let me tell you, it's, it really is an enormous pleasure for me to be able to be hoar. of it's a product. and -- it's a privilege. and good to see so many friends, all 14,000 of you. a little frightening to see myself on about eight, nine, ten screens up here. [laughter] the last time i spoke to aipac, i joined your national summit in napa valley. i did it via satellite. and you were in the vineyards, i was overseas. different kind
support. and join us later when secretary of state john kerry will speak at the 2014 aipac conference, the group is holding their yearly policy conference. you can watch secretary kerry's remarks live at about 5 p.m. eastern on our companion network, c-span. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance to monopoly telephone service back in the 1930 and '40s and '50s. and what the courts have said and what the congress supports is if i walk in to a grocery store and i buy a gallon of milk and pay $3.50 a gallon, if i buy ten gallons, i pay $35 for all ten gallons. well, tom wheeler's fcc wants to say you can use as much milk as you want, and you only have to pay $3.50. that's just wrong. netflix is the biggest user of the internet as people download their movies. sometimes they're as much of 30% of the volume of the internet, obviously, they should pay more than someone who uses the internet once a month. i'm being very sum policic, but that -- simplistic, but that's the genesis. and these companies have spent billions and billions of dollars to is the up their systems and
that secretary kerry would like and how, the so-called modern view, with the balance of power was a thing of the past and we only saw in the 19th century. that's not how they view the world, and it leads me to play this is something we should be recognizing as well. i leave you with this. the real question is, we will be going through a specific measures about things that should be done here and we will discuss that in response to the question, i believe some of the details for that but i will leave you with two thoughts. the short run to me is not as important as the long run. the long run i think we need to restart rebuilding our strategic position, signal that american retrenchment is over. this will go a long way to signaling to russia and to china and other countries that is long grip and american power is going to be reversed. and the second thing we have to start thinking carefully about is we need to stop thinking of military power as a metaphor for military intervention. we used to understand very well that the deterrent force of military power, today much of that has been lost p
defense ministry. secretary of state john kerry, he is scheduled to go to kiev tomorrow after russian troops entered crimea over the weekend. the associated press says russia issued ultimatum for surrender of two ukraine yap warships in crimea. secretary kerry said the international community could kick russia out of the g8 holding meetings in sochi in june and they could freeze assets if russia does not withdraw the occupation. he is scheduled to make remarks shortly from the state department after a meeting with the prime minister of moldova. we'll bring you remarks on companion network c-span. russian president vladmir putin said he sent troops to protect russian personnel in military bases in southern ukraine after the ouster of ukraine's president. secretary of state kerry will speak to the american israel public affairs committee meeting, aipac. we will have the secretary's remarks live from the conference on our companion network c-span. those remarks are scheduled to start at 5:00 eastern time. at the pentagon -- >> internet as we know it today, bears no resemblance to monopol
. secretary of state john kerry has called the russian foreign minister to express concerns. after report of pro- russian groups seizing control of two airports in ukraine's crimea region. they are urging russia against action that might be misinterpreted as a violation of ukraine's sovereignty. white house press secretary jay carney responded during today's briefing. >> secretary kerry said today the u.s. is watching the activity and that it might be, quote, crossing a line. is that the administration to also be very careful in making judgments out about that. what have they done to cross the flying? >> again, we are watching to see as the secretary said, whether or not russia is doing anything that might be crossing the line in any way. we strongly support the territorial integrity and sovereignty and we expect other nations to do the same. reports of russian intervention in crimea are of deep concern to the united states as secretary kerry said ambassador rice. intervention would be a grave mistake. these reports are also inconsistent with the previous statements to the united states b
of the midon, the crisis in the ukraine has changed its face. it hasn't dissipated. and today secretary kerry was greeted in kiev by ukrainians pleading for the continued support of the united states. and so having been so clear voiced in our support of the ukrainian people thus far since the tproe tests began last november, now is the moment when republicans and democrats should stand united in this congress so years from now when a group assembles in kiev marking the anniversary of this grave crisis they will celebrate ukraine's political sovereignty and economic rebirth with more chance of thanks to the united states. so, in what shape should this support come? first, we need to stand together in the next week to deliver serious financial assistance to ukrainian economy that is weak and is growing weaker as this crisis persists. a $1 billion aid package is a good start, but our real work must happen within the structures of the i.m.f., which can provide the potentially tens of billions of dollars necessary to fully right the ukrainian economic ship. and while ukraine does need to undergo e
. in other words, this is a back stop to the negotiations that secretary kerry has had and that the president has pointed to. but, amazingly, the obama administration has taken the very bizarre position that the democrats who are supporting this legislation, this backstop legislation that would do nothing to undermine the negotiations between the secretary of state and other nations in the region, the president is now urging democrats to stop supporting this important piece of backstop legislation, even though a commanding majority of the united states senate has indicated their support for it. in fact, the president has gone so far as to promise a veto of this legislation if it reaches his desk. and, of course, it is not true, as the president argues, that this legislation would effectively sabotage the geneva deal. in truth and in fact, what it would do is it would provide, as i said, a backstop but reinforce what the president and secretary kerry are so proud of in terms of what they've already negotiated. if iran follows through, then this sanctions legislation would be of little force an
reports secretary of state john kerry called russia a's foreign minister to express concerns of reports of pro- russia gunmen patrolling streets in armored vehicles and seizing several of airports in the region. the ap says that secretary kerry urged sir j. lab -- lavrov. back in washington washington, . president obama spent the day at the white house hosting a student film fests after him. later today 4:45 he will speak at the democratic national committee winter meeting being held at the capital hilton. we will have live coverage of the remarks on c-span. again it is up 4:45 eastern. let's go live to the briefing room under way about ten minutes press secretary jay carney speaking with reporters. the first several questions on the subject of ukraine. live coverage on c-span2. >> you were just talking about the concerns you have for the central russian involvement in ukraine. what option does the united states have available, should we reach that point? spinet i'm not going to speculate. what i would tell you is the matter that we are very focused on, the president, secretary of state
and secretary kerry said about the opportunity to move forward and the necessity of the framework of negotiations and that effort continues. yes, mark? >> putin said he doesn't think the use of force is necessary in crimea. what would you say? >> i would say we are monitoring the situation there and in the rest of ukraine closely. we stand by our support for ukraine's territorial integry and sovereignty. we support the ukraine government that is responsible in the handling of the events of in the last few days. secretary kerry announced a package we want to work on so ukraine and government can deal with their economic challenges. >> putin is denying the forces in crimea are russian. what is the whitehouse response to that? does the president believe he is putin is being honest? >> the president is very open ability officials when we deal with them including putin. we workwer together and achieve national security aims. when we have disagreements we are blunt about them. this would be one. it is a fact that russian military forces have taken over ukraine boarder post. they have ta
the record. apparently senator kerry will is one of the architects of the syrian policy in a conversation with some of his colleagues in the senate readily admitted that the policies basically failed. the chemical weapons have not been moved out in any significant way and al qaeda is getting stronger. according to this private recorded conversation written about in "the new york times" he is arguing for arming the moderate opposition and not allowing this process to take a different track and that is from one of the architects of the current policy himself. so i mean you know i'd knowledge there are big challenges here at there are also challenges and risks of not getting involved. >> i would add to that very quickly rachel i basically agree that the time for a big intervention to topple the regime is gone. that would have been in the first, in that first nine months of the uprising when it was peaceful and democratic. in the first few months of the armed conflict before the jihadi's came in before al qaeda was so pervasive on the ground. i think that was a much riper moment and certainly
and finding letters they wrote home during the war. i think the court of public poin opinion is going to kerry the day and reestablish the standards because people in government and the state department and defense department pay attention to what voters know. voters go see movies and read books. as we understand more about the story, i believe the answer simple. there is no passage of time that changes the character of theft. if we can determine a work of art is stolen, it shouldn't matter it took 60 years to find it out. it should be returned. >> host: if you cannot get through on the phone lines, contact us on twitter #booktv is the tag. and from our facebook page is this question: while we all agree stolen art should be returned. how fast back in history should we go? the peacock throne returned to india? also how do you how do you respond to the argument that taking the rosetta stone protected it from local thieves or neglect. >> guest: that is a great question. it is slippery slope when we go back before world war ii. we can be proud of the works of art here have been donated or acquire
're appealing to the iowa supreme court. we have someone on the board, kerry thomas in idaho, who used a condom, undetectable. he got 30 years. three gliese into a 30-year sentence in a brian in idaho. robert, my partner in starting the project, from shreveport, louisiana. he was in a difficult relationship and his partner threatened to turn him in if they broke up for not having initially disclosed to him. that's exactly what the partner did. robert served six months in prison. he has to be registered sex offender for 15 years. his driver's license has in big red capital letters, sex offender, on it. and these cases are happening at a faster and faster and faster rate. so, the injustice for people h.i.v., horrific public health policy. you can't be prosecuted if you don't know your positive. so it's come take the test and risk arrest. laws create an illusion of safety for people who are negative or don't know their h.i.v. status. says it's somebody else's job to protect you. that's an arrogance. thinking it's the rest of the worlds' job to protect your negative h.i.v. status. the h.i.v. specif
. there is a report that was leaked last week. it's off the record. a pen apparently senator john kerry in a conversation with some of his colleagues of the senate privately admitted that the policy has basically failed. the chemical weapons are not being moved around in any significant way. there's no hope that geneva will produce anything and al qaeda is getting stronger. according to this private report that has been written in "the new york times", he is arguing for arming the moderate opposition and not allowing this process unfold, taking a different shot. and that is from one of the architects of the policy. so i know that there are big challenges here and there are also challenges and rest of not getting involved and just staying on the sidelines. >> i basically agree. but i think to get back to your question that the time for a big intervention that would have essentially toppled the regime is gone. that would've been in the first nine months of the uprising weren't peaceful and democratic. the first two months of the armed conflict before the june party members came in and bef
between u.s. secretary of state john kerry and foreign minister lavrov. given the fertility of the situation on the ground, does the prime minister agreed one important outcome from these talks would be if they lead to direct high level talks between russia and ukraine? >> in order to de-escalate the situation the most important thing that should be arranged is a forum for discussions in which the russians and ukrainians can speak to each other. there have been some contacts between russia ministers and ukrainian ministers. this morning their meetings taking place in paris covering other issues as well but there has been some progress in putting together a contact group, an idea i proposed to the prime minister back in january to start having a group of countries around russia and ukraine to encourage such dialogue to take place. that's the single most important thing that could help to de-escalate the situation. >> mr. speaker, clearly we all up for a good outcome from those talks by the eu also has a crucial role to play. does he agree the eu at the leaders of some of tomo
way beyond the $1 billion which secretary kerry has talked about in his visit. but in order to achieve that, they're going to have to make some significant and maybe unpopular reforms in their economy, in their gas program and the like. it's tricky. to do that runs the risk of a popular backlash against these reforms but without the reforms, there could be no meaningful aid package. we need to stand with ukraine and ukraine needs to stand for the reforms necessary to strengthen their economy. this week i'm working with senators brown, shaheen, wicker, king, collins and warren warner to condemn the russian action in crimea. there's more to be done. senator menendez talked -- the aid and the sanctions that may be necessary. i sincerely hope the sanctions won't be necessary. i hope vladimir putin and the russians understand they cannot show this kind of aggression toward crimea without a cost. but i hope they'll do it soon so that we can see the return of stability to ukraine. ukraine is a critically important country, the second largest country in europe today. it was a major part of the
remains extremely important. i think i secretary clinton, secretary kerry, the president of the training has had on so many occasions that this will not in military. there ought to be some way for reconciliation to be possible. the second principle as well, which is i always felt in the time i had this responsibility, and this kind of diplomacy has got to be backed by force. it isn't necessarily backed by american force but this, idea if you're in gave of reconciliation is another reason to be in favor of a sign to be bsa. another favor for american forces and international forces and it's a very important reason to be in favor of continued support for afghan national security forces it seems to me that taliban is watching very carefully how we work our way through these next few months to decide whether be any pressure on them to make this step toward reconciliation so the effect of the military effort, international and afghan, still is really important third point seems to me on reconciliation as you look back and circling makes you think about it very carefully and watching the film
of a barrel bomb. and this is going on every day in syria. secretary kerry has rightly called these barrel bomb attacks unacceptable and barbaric. the primary architect of these crimes is bashar al-assad, but he has a patron who funds and supports what he does and who has the ability to stop the atrocities. russia is assad's principal support. since the start of the syrian war, russia has shoang it is complicit in these war crimes but it is also capable of stopping them. in the united nations russia has used its veto power and threat of veto on the security council numerous times to block action to help the syrian people. three of these vetoes were used, mr. president, to block basic humanitarian aid. what possible reason could any civilized nation have to denying war victims food and medical supplies? but russia has shown that it can be persuaded or shamed into taking action to try to promote basic safety of syrian citizens. in august, with the threat of u.s. military action to punish the assad regime for use of chemical weapons against its own civilians, russia realized that it could no
obama, secretary of state kerry negotiate with their -- with president hassan rouhani, iran continues to build a nuclear bomb while the administration and our secretary of state talk about our allies in europe about the negotiations with iran, the supreme leader in iran continue to build a nuclear bomb. the reality is the only thing that has brought iran to the negotiating table is sanctions. and only continuing those sanctions will get them to stop building a bomb. the sanctions should be reinstated, and they should not be lifted until, one, iran agrees that they will not build a bomb, and we have an open, verifiable, transparent process to make certain that they're not doing it. now, sanctions take time to work. the sanctions that we applied more than a year ago, particularly the kirk-menendez banking sanctions, have had a real impact on iran's economy. i bring a background as a banker to my work experience, both the work experience i had as a governor for ten years and my work experience here in the senate. and the reality is that the kirk-menendez banking sanctions have been extre
secretary kerry, president of the united states said on so many occasions that war will end militarily, there has to be some political end to this conflict and there ought to be some way to see if reconciliation is possible. but there's a second principle as well which is, i always felt in the time that had this responsibility that this is kind of diplomacy got to be backed by force. . . certainly makes you think about it very carefully and watching the film on women and women's right is what is this reconciliation all about. and that is about an afghanistan that works with the rule of law and that supports the rights and responsibilities of all citizens, but particularly women. on the questions of reconciliation i'm sure they are still high on the administration's agenda but the principles remain very much the same. the second point you asked me to talk about our the elections. he's done a wonderful job on that. two things that are important to me. one is what is the outcome here and it is an election that is seen by most afghans as legitimate and a leader as someone they c
to do their job. >> good morning. from president obama to secretary kerry to republicans and democrats in congress, we're fortunate to have had an exceptional set of leaders of both sides of the aisle who understand the importance of our nation's security and prosperity. by partnering with other nations and to promote democratic societies we help to transform countries to destabilize prosperity -- prosperous nations. we open markets for american businesses, prevent conflict and extremism from reaching our shores and helping our young people build skills in science and technology all for less than 1% of the overall federal budget. this year's president's budget request includes $20.1 billion that usaid manages are partially manages. these critical resources allow us to ed reincarnations cool interest of responding to a pressing national security priorities from the middle east to afghanistan to south sudan. this afternoon, i want to discuss how we are meeting these challenges through a new model of development reflected in this budget. by leveraging public and private partnerships and h
as secretary clinton, secretary kerry, president of the united states said on so many occasions that war will end militarily, there has to be some political end to this conflict and there ought to be some way to see if reconciliation is possible. but there's a second principle as well which is, i always felt in the time that had this responsibility that this is kind of diplomacy got to be backed by force. . .
our data would support kerry we had some diagnoses of alzheimer's but we didn't have enough observations really to distinguish those. this is somewhat outside of my area of expertise but my understanding is there is somewhat of a blurring line between many forms of dementia. the majority of dementia is alzheimer's but typically there will be vascular dimension in addition to alzheimer's at the same time. >> should we expect the results of another study from you related to these topics? >> we are working right now. we have an our 01 from nih to look at long-term care and all costs of long-term care in the role of health insurance for long-term care insurance. it's very clear that the costs are highly skewed and we don't have a well-functioning market for that. we have produced one paper on that and we will produce for their papers. >> thank you very much. mr. rogen i appreciate your work for laird he for charity so my comments are dull and boring but it's really an expression of gratitude and i appreciate your efforts to educate and communicate with young people. that's somet
and organized. moms like me, kerry kristof in stacy mascot is organizing smart girl politics. together, these people help to you turn a moment in time into a movement. today we celebrate what you have done. you are going to year from leaders like miracle worker, woody herzog. he did what many said could not be done. he went in the state of washington and got fiscally responsible candidates elected in the metro seattle area. the state legislature there is no longer deep blue. he has shown when you talk to others about our values, you can win, even in one of the most liberal states in the country. you also your friend mary ann sasaki. she is a mom of two. she is one of her ohio state coordinators said she was recently elected to her school board. she cares so much about our country that she turned her passion into public service at the local level. and you will hear from our man who delivered. he worked for a huge shipping company and he volunteered his time at night and on the weekends. this vietnam vet and ham radio operator has organized some of the most inspirational tea parties arou
secretary kerry has endorsed it and created a new office to follow this up. i think incredibly important initiative. europe after world war ii found a way for the countries within europe to cooperative with each other, at the heart of that was cooperation between france and germany. i think one of the questions for the central south asia region is what is there equivalents? one is trade and transportation which would be critical getting goods from china to go through to europe but there are also others, one of the to highlight i think is the question of energy and power. they would meetings where leaders came together and what they got really excited about is when they discovered that some of the central asian republics are producing power and kinsella from two to 6 cents a kilowatt power with india and pakistan are buying 13 or 16 cents per kilowatt hour. that's enormous opportunity. energy of power is another, and others i think increasingly are being discovered but in the search original cooperation is what would help create the incentives for peace and stability. >> thank you very mu
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)